Sep 22, 2023

It is a well-established fact that animal agriculture accounts for more of global warming than automobiles and other oil-driven industries. Yet for some reason people are compelled to march to end oil drilling while overlooking the more critical, more ethically horrifyin issue.

Tens of thousandsy marched in New York City according to the New York Times. A quote:

The president “is in a unique position to be a leader to end the fossil fuel movement globally,” said Daphne Frias, 25, a climate activist. “It’s time for the United States but particularly the Global North to really step up and say that we are taking responsibility to the way that we have harmed and polluted.”

I admire the passion, the enthusiasm, but can't help wonder what will actually come out of this march?

What if every one of these protestors went vegan? They'd be making an immediate contribution to slowing climate change and wouldn't be waiting around for the president to propose a law that we all know isn't coming anytime soon. The fact that many of these protestors drove or flew to the event underscores just how difficult it will be to move away from fossil fuels.

But we can all go vegan. Now. No legislation required.

And authors have a powerful role to play in getting this message across to readers.

That's why we writers are critical to the movement. We connect veganism to healing the planet. And, hopefully one day, one day sooner than later, we'll see tens of thousands marching for veganism.