You're missing a vegan author. Can I suggest one?
I'm vegan. Can you include my books?
Possibly. Note that our criteria is that the author not only be vegan but also have published at least one book relevant to vegans. Feel free to contact us.
I'm a vegetarian. Can I be included?
Not yet. You're almost there though!
Mary Shelley was a vegetarian. Why is she included?
As far as we know Mary Shelley was a vegetarian and not a vegan. But we grade on a curve here at Vegan Authors. To be a vegetarian more than a hundred years ago, in our view, is equivalent to being vegan today. The term "vegan" did not even exist until 1944. Besides, how we could not include Frankenstein?
Where do you get the book and author information?
We use the text and images provided by the publisher and/or author. If you are an author or publisher who wishes to either provide or correct any information, please contact us.
How do I learn more about going vegan?
Great question! We too had to learn how to be vegan at one point and we love sharing food we love. For starters, check out Vegan Cheese Tasting.